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Smile With Me WIP

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Smile with me WIP by ramsleprince

Garageband for Ipad

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Just a quick note: Don’t buy Garageband for the iPad. It lacks of a piano roll view and there is no way that you could correct your recorded notes. The whole tool would be awesome, but it’s just a useless toy for people with no music experience at all. Go for nanostudio instead! => here […]

A video full of ramsmusic

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“Strange things happen when a girl touches a strange hovering box… Many old game characters spread over the city and did strange and crazy things. This short-movie was produced for the lecture “intermediale Gestaltung” at the university “Hochschule Offenburg” by my brother Simon and me. So i`ll hope you enjoy it…” – Jonas Schweizer

New Track: The Phantom

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A rather special track in terms of rams